Our Services

We pride ourselves on the high quality and reliability of our service and whilst the additional funding and opportunities have continued to increase over the years, we have tried hard to ensure any growth has been managed efficiently and effectively rather than simply taking advantage of funding wherever possible as this has never been our mission.

The service we offer is a High Quality programme of sports sessions which cover over 12 different sports and activities with a blend of curriculum standard sports and different options to stimulate children and schools into wanting to participate. The sessions are designed to be flexible to each schools requirements and can be tailored to suit within the categories detailed below.

High Quality Planning and Provision Model

  • Flexiblity to ensure coverage across year groups and classes
  • CPD Model - watch, team, support
  • Live and Learn Sports APP access
  • Curriculum Progress

  • One day a week games focus
  • Unique assessment and progression programme
  • Tutor specialisms
  • Safer recruitment and continues performance management
  • Extracurricula Clubs

  • After School
  • Parent paid funding options
  • Variety or consistency programme’s
  • Example’s; Tag Rugby, Cycling, Thai Boxing, Aerobics, Mini Trampolining, Orienteering, Giant Football, Volleyball, Karate
  • Lunchtime Provision

  • Lunchtime supervisor CPD model
  • Challenge programme
  • Support school Y6 leaders initiatives
  • Competitive Sport

  • Live and Learn Sport School Festivals
  • Tournaments and WOW events
  • Inter school fixture programme
  • Community Links and Sporting Experiences

  • Role models
  • Community links
  • National Campaigns
  • Gifted and Talented opportunities