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    Developing Sport In Your Next Generation

Our Mission

Our service is based on quality and our drive to succeed in achieving our goals which are set out in Our Mission below.

Increase participation of sport and skill levels in Children

Helps schools achieve and succeed national targets and directives

Introduce opportunities for stars to emerge and achievement to be recognised

We do not compete on price, we simply compete on quality.

Our Services

High Quality Planning and Provision Model

  • Flexiblity to ensure coverage across year groups and classes
  • CPD Model - watch, team, support
  • Live and Learn Sports APP access
  • Curriculum Progress

  • One day a week games focus
  • Unique assessment and progression programme
  • Tutor specialisms
  • Safer recruitment and continuous performance management
  • Extracurricular Clubs

  • After School Parent paid funding options
  • Variety or consistency programme’s
  • Example’s; Tag Rugby, Cycling, Thai Boxing, Aerobics, Mini Trampolining, Orienteering, Giant Football, Volleyball, Karate
  • Latest Updates

    The ‘Big Virtual’ Sports Day

    I hope you’re all well and staying safe?

    With the current situation in schools our traditional sports day which we usually deliver won’t be happening…. So as a team we have decided to do a virtual one for you to enjoy in your own homes.

    There are 22 activities to complete and score.

    The activities will run from Monday 1st June to Friday 10th July so you have plenty of time to complete these.

    When you have done each of the activities please record your score on the score sheet provided and when you have done all 22 then send your score sheet in to:


    We will be handing some prizes out too so keep checking this site and our social media platforms for names of winners.

    There are 6 videos to watch and to help you understand the games.

    Please enjoy the videos and why not give us a follow on Facebook and Twitter and share your Sports Day with us……

    Please fill in the record sheet below and email back.

    Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed it…

    Stay Safe and see you all soon…..


    Children are more than welcome to take part in the activities if you don’t want to share personal information. For the Sports day to be competitive then the following must be included in the record sheet: Name, School, Class and Teacher.

    Once we receive any score sheets we will keep this information for 24 hours then it will be deleted..

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Featured Post

    Keep fit with us

    We have a selection of workouts for you to enjoy in your own garden with members of your household.

    There are workouts for both Ks1 and Ks2.

    Please give these a go and why not share your experience with us via our social media on Facebook and Twitter.

    We would love to see how you get on.

    Also if you enjoyed this why not head over to the ‘Big Virtual Sports Day’ page where you can compete against other children from all of our schools and have they chance on winning some prizes.

    Featured Post

    Dance activities

    We have created different fun dance activities for you to enjoy at home.

    Please use these to get everybody moving within your household.

    We hope that you have enjoyed these dance activities.

    Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

    Featured Post