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    Developing Sport In Your Next Generation

Our Mission

Our service is based on quality and our drive to succeed in achieving our goals which are set out in Our Mission below.

Increase participation of sport and skill levels in Children

Helps schools achieve and succeed national targets and directives

Introduce opportunities for stars to emerge and achievement to be recognised

We do not compete on price, we simply compete on quality.

Our Services

High Quality Planning and Provision Model

  • Flexiblity to ensure coverage across year groups and classes
  • CPD Model - watch, team, support
  • Live and Learn Sports APP access
  • Curriculum Progress

  • One day a week games focus
  • Unique assessment and progression programme
  • Tutor specialisms
  • Safer recruitment and continuous performance management
  • Extracurricular Clubs

  • After School Parent paid funding options
  • Variety or consistency programme’s
  • Example’s; Tag Rugby, Cycling, Thai Boxing, Aerobics, Mini Trampolining, Orienteering, Giant Football, Volleyball, Karate
  • Latest Updates

    ‘Covid 19’

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