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Keep fit with us

We have a selection of workouts for you to enjoy in your own garden with members of your household. There are workouts for both Ks1 and Ks2. Please give these a go and why not share your experience with us … Read More

Dance activities

We have created different fun dance activities for you to enjoy at home. Please use these to get everybody moving within your household. We hope that you have enjoyed these dance activities. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and … Read More

‘Covid 19’

Please see the link below for our COVID 19 Risk assessment and protocol.

Mental Health and Well being

During these uncertain times it is easy to feel down with the lack of control over situations, not seeing family and friends and the lack of structure in your day to day lives. Please have a read of these coping … Read More

Super Hero workout

Fancy working out with a Super Hero?? Well how about trying these fantastic workouts…..

Keeping Healthy and staying fit

Fitness Activities

Please have a look at our fitness activities which we have been creating for you to enjoy either on your own or with members of household….. I hope you and your family enjoyed doing these… If you haven’t seen make … Read More

7 minute briefings

Please read our 7 minute briefings around various Safeguarding areas…

Risk Assessments

PE Home Learning Activity Packs

Please feel free to download these Activity Packs which are full of different sport related exercises and information to help build your knowledge and improve your fitness at the same time. Either take on these tasks on your own or … Read More