Welcome Miss Nixon!!

I have always been interested in sport since I was little, I was always part of a team, if that was Netball, Hockey, Football, or Rounders; I was always playing a sport. If I wasn’t participating in these games I was training in dance, which has always played a big part, in my journey. I knew from a very early age I wanted to be able to pass knowledge of sport on, down to the future generations and help them develop important skills. I have grown up in a way of constantly training and trying to develop myself, long hours of repetition, just to make the smallest change. however, doing this has developed me into a person that likes a challenge and tries to be the best in everything I do. I think it is important that in our up to date life, we make time to go outside and have a game of football, for example as I feel it adds a lot to the children character and helps them develop a variety of life skills. I see on a day to day basis, children who are passionate about sports and games in particular, therefore I think it’s important that they have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, with a bit of guidance along the way. It isn’t just about ‘kicking a football around’ but develops the ability to work in a team, have empathy towards others, widens their knowledge and understand of different sports, but also allows children to experience discipline from someone they look up to and admire. All these reasons and more is why I wanted to be a sports coach.

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