November – December 2019/20

Huge well done to all our schools for their amazing effort and enthusiasm in half term one.

We are extremely proud of how well the children have settled back into school and their new sports/clubs. We have seen some outstanding efforts within our competitive sports and cannot wait to see what this half term brings. Starting from half term two we are going to be pushing fitness testing and training into our sports. Our tutors below have explained the importance.

Mr Mimms – Cardiovascular Endurance is an important component of physical fitness because it helps keep your heart, lungs, and blood vessels healthy.  Ways in which you can improve your endurance and stamina are by long distance running, cycling, walking and swimming.  A cardio routine makes us burn several calories and it speeds up our metabolism and helps shed body fat.

Miss Fretwell – Flexibility is an important component of physical fitness because it increases range of motion, which allows us to perform exercises more safely and helps to improve our fitness level. Flexibility is how far our muscles lengthen, so improving our flexibility will result in our bodies being able to perform activities and exercises more effectively. We are wanting our children to understand the effects flexibility can have on their bodies.

Mr Chadburn – In practical terms, muscle strength is how strong the child is and muscular endurance is how long the child’s muscles can work. In more specific terms, muscular strength is the ability to exert force against resistance. Children need strength so they can participate in a variety of sports. Strength will often be used without the child having to think about it.

Mr Heald – Balance is the ability to keep a controlled body position during a sporting activity. This is a really important component of physical fitness for children, especially when engaged in physical activity to keep an up-right, controlled body position. A child with good balance and coordination will be able to demonstrate fluid body movements to perform in different physical activities. We ensure all children we teach have a good understanding of specific fitness components in relation to the sport they are playing.  

On the run up to Christmas, there has been no Thursday evening fixtures. So, our schools have been focusing on their Monday morning festivals.

Our half term two Monday morning festivals have been and won by:

Y2 Sportshall Athletics – Herringthorpe Infants

Y2 Matball – Broom Valley

Y3/4 Gymnastics – Northfield Primary Y5/6 Gymnastics – Northfield Primary

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