Mr Healds Half Term 4 Article

I would just like to say a massive well done to all classes who have participated in PE during this uncertain period. Your effort and commitment has been fantastic! However, a few classes have really stood out! Here we go…

Badsley Y5W- So far this year Y5W have participated in cross country, hockey and gymnastics which have all been extremely successful. I have been very impressed with the positive attitudes pupils’ have shown towards these sports. Recently, Y5W have started to engage in some Orienteering skills. All pupils have started to use maps of the school to navigate their way to different controls and retrieve information. They have started to grasp the concept of racing against the clock to complete each course. In particular, I’ve been super impressed with Alfie from Y5W. As well as continuously improving his orienteering skills, his enthusiasm has been outstanding. He recently finished an orienteering course in less than 20 minutes!

Coleridge FS2 (Class 2) – FS2 at Coleridge Primary have absolutely blown me away with their racquet skills this term! I am very impressed with the amount of progress they have made so far this term. To say that some foundation children had never held a tennis racquet 4 weeks ago, it is phenomenal how much they have developed their skills. This term, the children have learned all about the different parts of the racquet and how to hold it. Each child in class 2 can confidently explain these parts and what they’re used for. In addition, the children have started to develop their technique in relation to performing forehand shots. They’ve listened carefully and applied the skills of using the correct stance and movement with the racquet to perform these shots. Keep up the good work!

Herringthorpe Junior School Y4S – Y4 have been delight to teach this half term! Similar to Y5 at Badsley, Y4S have started to develop their orienteering skills. They have started to use map reading skills as well as having discussions with peers about the route to the next control. I have been really impressed with the effective communication skills these children have demonstrated. What a great start to the term! In addition to the enhancement of their orienteering skills, Y4S have utilised cross-curricular links within their lessons by answering numeracy and literacy questions before moving onto the next control. Y4 have stepped up to the challenge and have shown great resilience! Keep it up!

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