Mr Chadburns Half Term 4 Article

During half term 4 I have really come to terms with how much each of the foundation stage classes at Herringthorpe Infants have improved since beginning the year in September. Things such as even being able to line up in a straight line and taking it in turns were a real struggle.

As the year has progressed, they have shown a great improvement in their ability to listen, think about what they are doing and show what is needed to be done. Each child has come a very long way developing their key skills to adapt to becoming amazing students.

Class FA started the year as a very shy class who didn’t have much to say during their PE lessons. As we have worked through their confidence has grown. They are now actively asking questions about each sport they take part in trying to improve their knowledge.

Class FB started the year off as a very characteristic class. they started off quite bouncy and bubbly and have slowly started to settle down as the year has gone on. Their knowledge and understanding of each sport they have taken part in has really surprised me. Bringing a completely new sport and skill into your path isn’t an easy thing to do, but they have shown that when they get their heads down and focus on the task in hand, they can be an outstanding bunch of sports stars.

Class FC have shown an almighty drive to want to learn and get better at each sport they have taken part in. Working through the year they have changed the sport which they are taking part in. The sports have ranged from ball skills, thinking about using bigger and smaller balls to work on hand eye coordination. Also they have worked on some running, jumping and changing direction. These skills are important for each child to be able to develop and get better at for when they are starting to grow up.

FC have shown that they have got great potential to do and complete anything they can set their minds to. I just want to say a massive well done to all three foundation class at Herringthorpe Infants and too keep up the good work.

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