Half Term 6 2018-19

As we are reaching the end of our school year, we would love to look back and reflect on all the amazing things that we have been a part of.

We would firstly like to thank all our schools, staff and children for the effort shown over the last year, without the help and support from schools, we could not be able to offer what we do. This year we have seen our children excel in so many ways, from PE sports to extra curriculum activities. The enthusiasm and the desire to learn from the children has been incredible. To be there to support children in their love for sports and to see them thrive, is truly what we set out to do.

Mr Mimms – This year we have rolled out a new programme within Coleridge Primary, East Dene and Eastwood Village. This is called Junior Active Leaders. The aim of the programme is to train 15 children from each school to deliver activities during break times and lunchtimes. The programme focused on developing the children as people and improving their self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills. During the programme the children had to deliver to their peers and to other children within the school also during the course they learnt CPR which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Miss Fretwell – 2018-2019 has been my favourite year so far. Working with some new children and some old, I am over whelmed with the progress that all my schools have made. The most rewarding part of my job is to bring new and exciting ways to learn, into PE. Knowing that some children are not fond of PE makes that challenge even more important. To see so many children, who are either not keen or do not feel they are of a high ability, succeed and enjoy sport, is for me, a job well done.The standards of non-competitive and competitive sports continue to rise and I am really looking forward to what 2019-2020 has to offer.    

Mr Chadburn – The 2018-19 school year for me has been the most beneficial. It has given me the opportunity to teach a lot more. During the year I have gained confidence within my teaching and as a result of this I feel that my level of teaching has progressed to the next step. I have found which schools I am most comfortable within and the best ways for me to teach within each school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the school I have worked in for such an amazing year. I am really excited to see where I will be in another years’ time.

Mr Heald – What a year it has been! It has been amazing this year working with Live & Learn. One of the best parts of my new role with Live & learn is being able to work with so many different schools, pupils and members of staff. I have seen so many children grow and progress in PE this year because of their enthusiasm and love for learning about new sports. Well done to all children! A memorable part of this year has been walking into schools and seeing children become excited because they know it is their turn to do PE. ‘Sir, Sir, Mr Heald… Are we doing PE with you today?’. Additionally, the standard of competitive sports fixtures and festivals had been excellent. I’ve been lucky enough to see some very tense and exciting fixtures. I very much luck forward to seeing what the next academic year brings.

Half term six has seen our schools compete in some fantastic festivals, both on a Monday morning and a Thursday afternoon. On a Monday morning our schools compete in a variety of festivals to be taken through to a cluster final. The winning schools were:

Hockey Y3-4 – Badsley Moor Prmiary

Girls Cricket KS2 – Coleridge Primary

Tennis KS2 – Coleridge Primary

Rounders Y2 – Brinsworth Manor Infants

Rounders Y3-4 – Coleridge Primary

Rounders Y5 – Badsley Primary

Our schools are then invited to compete in a Thursday fixture night, where they compete against other schools in a league. Our winners for Half term six were:

Cricket U9 – Coleridge Primary

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