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Julie Thompson - PARENT
Letter received - 20th March 2008

Dear Mr Richardson

I am writing to congratulate and thank you for the Dance and Gymnastics classes that you have been running at Whiston Worrygoose over the past year.

My daughter Holly has attended both classes and thoroughly enjoyed herself which is particularly pleasing as Holly has been known in the past to be apprehensive and seemingly intimidated by new ventures particularly when run be a male instructor. (not that you will have noticed under your instruction!)

Parents and carers had the opportunity to watch an end of term Dance performance this week and it was clearly evident that the children involved were thoroughly enjoying themselves, putting a great deal of effort and thought into their routines.

Your closing comments to the children, which included a thank you to them from yourself and letting them know that you had also gained something from your time with them was touching to me as a parent and more importantly will also be a great source of encouragement to the children. You have a unique teaching method where you seem to retain complete control and respect whilst allowing the children great scope for self expression. You certainly have something ‘special’ in your chosen field of work.

So, Thank you for all your efforts — they are much appreciated and respected. do hope that your work long continues within the school.

Julie Thompson - Parent
Liz Ruston - Head Teacher, Wickersley Northfield
Live and Learn are always very flexible in their range and variety of sessions they provide and engage many of our pupils in positive sporting activities before and after school.

Liz Ruston - Head Teacher, Wickersley Northfield
Michelle Binns - Headteacher, Coleridge Primary School
I have found the service provided by live and learn sports as exceptional. They provide a very high standard of P.E delivery in regards to quality of curriculum and high expectations of children's behaviour. Coaches regularly consult with the teacher /SLT ensuring the skills they are delivering meet the schools/children's needs. P.E assessments are efficiently undertaken by the coaches and then discussed with the teachers. The service is flexible and responds to PPA cover or providing P.E as part of member of staff's professional development - we have found HLTA staff's confidence and ability to deliver P.E has increased as a result. All the coaches are very professional and approachable, meaning that children respond to purposeful instruction whilst having fun and colleagues feel supported in delivering many areas of P.E.

Michelle Binns - Headteacher, Coleridge Primary School
Lynne Pepper - Head Teacher, Herringthorpe Infant School
The service you provide not only provides excellent cpd for newly qualified teachers, but also for more experienced staff. You get lots of ideas that you can work on. It has particularly helped us to cover the evaluating and improving performance strand of the national curriculum which is often difficult. Also, for our school it is having a positive male role model who makes learning fun and exciting.

Lynne Pepper - Head Teacher, Herringthorpe Infant School