About Us

Happy GroupLive and Learn Sports are a team of specialist sports coaches. We have been developing and delivering programmes to cover a range of sports since 2005. Our experience in coaching a range of sports and managing the deliver of sessions to primary aged children is invaluable.

All of our full time coaches have a minimum of five years experience coaching primary aged children, so you can be assured that your children are not only enjoying their lessons, but becoming more able and competent individuals as a result! All PPA sessions are based on the National Curriculum QCA scheme of work with new and innovative inclusions.

What's more...All of our full time coaches hold a National Governing Body Qualification across all the sports they deliver. This quality level of experience and qualifications, ensures that children not only learn the basics, but can learn tactile and acute skills which will help them progress quickly in their favourite sports.

We aim to tailor our approach to both the structure of the agreement with the school right through to the delivery itself. We would be more than happy to discuss this with you and would encourage you to contact us even if it is to find out more about what we can offer.


The Coaching Team - Our Approach



Level 1: All coaches that join Live and Learn Sports are initially level 1 until they have attended one of our coaching courses and trained to deliver excellence. Level 1 coaches do not coach without supervision of a level 3 coach.

Level 2: These coaches are part time staff who have been trained to deliver 'excellence in sports development' by Live and Learn Sports and cover extended school's activities. Level 2 coaches do not cover PPA sessions.

Level 3: Level 3 coaches have a minimum of 5 years coaching experience. Level 3 coaches have been thoroughly trained, obtaining 5 coaching qualifications with Live and Learn Sports and/or a sports degree equivalent. These coaches are able to deliver high quality P.E lessons as part of Live and Learn Sports planning schemes. Lesson plans are based on National Curriculum QCA scheme of work with innovative inclusions developed by the UKCC (United Kingdom Certificate in Coaching).

Level 4: In addition to a range of coaching qualifications, level 4 coaches have been appointed as members of the Live and Learn Sports management team. Management includes overseeing our quality assurance policies, supporting delivery in courses and liasing closely with schools on a one-one basis.

Level 5: As the principal Head Coach of Live and Learn Sports, Mark Richardson is the sole level 5 coach. His qualifications include Community Sports Management level 3, F.A (Football Association) level 1 and 2, EBA (England Basketball Association) level 1 and 2, LTA (London Tennis Association) level 1 and 2, British Gymnastics, TOPS dance, England Hockey, RFU Tag Rugby, ECB Cricket, Netball and Uk Athletics core qualifications. Mark has extensive experience in teaching of Primary and Secondary children with a particular skill for discipline and session management.